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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update from Rickhoff Business in Balance and Payroll Centra

You have probably received several emails in the last few days from companies and organizations offering details of their response to COVID-19 and the coronavirus. Here is what Rickhoff Business in Balance and Payroll Central are doing to keep delivering the service our clients expect.

OUR PRIORITY Our first priority is to ensure the health and safety of our clients, team members and their families. We are here to help you navigate uncertain times, whether you are affected by the virus directly or through the volatility of the financial markets. We are closely monitoring daily developments and have a detailed plan to ensure we can continue providing critical services.


  • Our generous paid-time off policies and guidance for our team members ensure that they stay home if they are sick, at risk due to travel or have been exposed to illness.
  • We are strategically limiting as many face-to-face meetings as possible by encouraging all meetings be held via Zoom web conference or via telephone.
  • We are highly encouraging all submission of documents including tax documents be submitted via our online portal.
  • We are also strongly encouraging using direct deposit for your employees and accessing reports via portal.
  • We are prepared for as many team members to work from home as needed so we can continue supporting critical services.

We know how much you depend on us, and we are committed to providing the service you expect from us. Our response plan starts with the steps above and progresses to more serious measures we can consider if this situation escalates, such as modifying office schedules.

As an extra precaution, we are encouraging everyone on our team to use web meetings. Please consider using electronic submission of information and web meetings during this time.

We will keep you informed should we need to modify the way we deliver our services. We will also post signs on the doors if we decide to modify operations.

As always, you can reach us by phone.
Illinois: (618)632-1994 Missouri: (636)227-9320

We will do everything we can to offer you the service you expect from us while protecting you and our team from the spread of the virus.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work through this situation.
Kurt J Rickhoff

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As a second-generation accounting firm, Rickhoff & Associates is proud to have provided clients with professional and personalized accounting and advisory solutions since 1974. We are well-known for our family-friendly culture, personalized one-on-one approach, and dedication to building meaningful, lasting client relationships.

With your busy lifestyle in mind, we apply advanced technologies to deliver all our services online, saving you time and money. Our end goal is to help you achieve a fun and rewarding life for yourself and your family…and we know that starts with your business. When you partner with our team, prepare yourself for personalized attention, year-round guidance, and tailored solutions that offer real-time data access. Let us help you take back your life and put you on the road to financial health and sustainability.


Please take a moment to review your experience with Rickhoff & Associates. Your feedback not only helps us, it help other potential clients.

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Your success is our main priority, which is why we work to identify the right blend of services for each client. With Rickhoff & Associates, you will also enjoy our personal approach to doing business. We know that every client has different goals and changing needs, so we work with you throughout the year to offer advice, review your financial status, and ensure there are no surprises at year-end. Professional, personalized, client-focused…Rickhoff & Associates is the new breed of accounting firm.

“Mr. Rickhoff was nominated by the members of the association [PASBA] to receive this outstanding award that honors a member who has consistently demonstrated the beliefs of the association’s motto, Teach-Share-Learn.”

Professional Association of Small Business Accountants

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