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As a second-generation accounting firm, Rickhoff & Associates is proud to have provided clients with professional and personalized accounting and advisory solutions since 1974. We are well-known for our family-friendly culture, personalized one-on-one approach, and dedication to building meaningful, lasting client relationships.

With your busy lifestyle in mind, we apply advanced technologies to deliver all our services online, saving you time and money. Our end goal is to help you achieve a fun and rewarding life for yourself and your family…and we know that starts with your business. When you partner with our team, prepare yourself for personalized attention, year-round guidance, and tailored solutions that offer real-time data access. Let us help you take back your life and put you on the road to financial health and sustainability.

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Your success is our main priority, which is why we work to identify the right blend of services for each client. With Rickhoff & Associates, you will also enjoy our personal approach to doing business. We know that every client has different goals and changing needs, so we work with you throughout the year to offer advice, review your financial status, and ensure there are no surprises at year-end. Professional, personalized, client-focused…Rickhoff & Associates is the new breed of accounting firm.

“Mr. Rickhoff was nominated by the members of the association [PASBA] to receive this outstanding award that honors a member who has consistently demonstrated the beliefs of the association’s motto, Teach-Share-Learn.”

Professional Association of Small Business Accountants

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5 Ways to Stay on Track and Achieve your Small Business Goals

It isn't always easy to come up with a business vision. However, it's a crucial first step if you hope to achieve long-term success. We recommend gathering those who helped you establish the business and engaging in a brainstorming session. Think about where you want...

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No one ever said that working in a forward-facing customer service role was easy. However, it's crucial that the people filling these roles have a passion for helping people and possess the skills and personality traits to keep customers happy. Otherwise, you risk...

5 Smart Ways Your Tax Refund Can Grow Your Business

If you're expecting to receive a tax refund for your business, you may have already thought of dozens of ways to spend the money. It's also possible that you have no idea how to spend or invest it wisely to contribute to the future growth of your company. However you...

5 Ways to Improve Business Efficiency and Increase Profit

Business efficiency is sometimes challenging to define and even more difficult to improve. However, ignoring the fact that your employees and processes have become inefficient could cost you revenue, customers, and your company's reputation. The following tips can...

Employee or Independent Contractor? IRS Misclassification Can Be Costly.

Because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants its money from payroll deposits as quickly as possible, it doesn't take kindly to business owners who misclassify employees as independent contractors. That is because employees pay taxes out of every paycheck through...

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Nothing in life is certain or stagnant. This applies to operating a small business just as much as anything else. The sudden and unexpected death of a business partner, a natural disaster that destroys all business equipment, and cyberattacks that threaten company...

Get a Grip on Tax Deadlines to Keep Your Tax Payments on Track

For small business owners, tax time comes more than once a year on April 15. Depending on the structure and revenue of the business, it may have to pay taxes in up to five different categories. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expects business owners to keep track...

On your mark, get set…GO prepare for tax season

The combination of running a business and your life and preparing for tax time can drive some people into a slight panic. But no need to get stressed if you are prepared. Now is the time to start organizing all documents required to file your tax return.Also, consider...

5 tips to mitigate paying taxes on Social Security benefits

Like the old paraphrased saying goes: In this world, two things are certain—death and taxes. The recent federal tax overhaul changed a lot of rules, so it’s as important as ever to understand your tax obligations, including those on Social Security benefits. According...

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